Reduce Smell cat in Your House - be more Healthy


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A cat is a cute animal, so no wonder if many people like to keep it as a pet. But there are things you need to know, keeping a cat can make the room in your house so smelly. For that, you need to take some action to reduce the smell.


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To be more effective, ways to reduce the smell of cats were divided according to the cause.
The first cause: cat litter

If the scattering odor comes from your cat litter, you should do the following tips
A. Keep it Clean

The smell that comes from cat litter box does sting and make the room becomes uncomfortable occupied,

For that you need to do the following five tips:

1. Scoop the feces in the litter box
Cat feces which left is potentially making the smell even more, so it would be nice if you scoop the feces earlier and often to reduce smell.

2. Replace the sand litter box routinely
Sand litter box will automatically absorb the odor from the dirt,
And when the cat shitting and shitting again.
The sand litter would be unable to absorb the odor anymore.
Then the stench of shit will fly everywhere and fill your room,
So that, routinely replace the sand litter box with a new one and the smell of dirt would be reduced.
Ideally, sand litter box
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